On Broadway Dentistry was born out of a dream of having a small, private dental practice here in the East Valley. Our vision was for our patients to feel like it was an “old fashion” family-owned office with a twist. It would have the latest technology, utilize the best labs, and have a dental team that was exceptionally qualified in all dental modalities.

Our family bought this practice in February of 2019 with a clear focus on what we wanted our office to represent our community and how we wanted our patients to be treated.

Siria, our Patient Coordinator, worked with Lynne prior and is a perfect fit for running all our daily operations. She is also fluent in Spanish! Siria has impeccable work ethics and commitment to our team. She is the first smile you will see when you come to visit us.

Dr. Goss was our answer to prayers! She is the best Dentist we have ever been privileged to know and work with daily. She has such a compassionate heart for both the patients and our team that is palpable when you enter the office. She has a calling on her life caring for people at an unprecedented level of excellence. She has additional years of college rotations and a master’s degree in public health. It allows her to be more comfortable with our patient’s complicated medical histories.

Dr. Goss has opened a Dental Sleep Medicine in our practice this year. It will be a way for patients to be treated for snoring and sleep apnea with our at-home sleep test. We will have the ability to make an oral appliance for nighttime use in lieu of a CPAP machine.

Lynne, our Dental Hygienist, has been treating patients for over 39 years. Her ability to help previous Dentist’ setup and run offices allowed us to implement how a visionary dental office could be bought, staffed, and operated. She uses every opportunity to ensure her patients are receiving whole health education and staying dentally healthy.

Bennett comes with over 40 years of business and marketing experience. He saw this as an opportunity for our family to leave a legacy of compassion by having a positive impact on our community.

Sheila previously worked with Lynne for a few years and was instrumental in making this practice a reality. She worked tirelessly with credentialing, mentoring, and consulting. She has over 35 years of experience and was a previous owner of dental offices in Arizona. Shelia serves as our Consultant and Bookkeeper. She also helped broker our deal to purchase On Broadway Dentistry.

Bennett and Lynne’s sons, Easton and Elias, were the ones that encouraged them to take their business and dental backgrounds and merge them together. This was how our dream was born!

We are a family oriented practice that has the bar raised exceptionally high when it comes to ongoing continuing education and team training. We want to be set apart as a dental wellness practice here in Mesa. Our team loves to spend time together and we really are family! The story of our office involves our entire team and our patients.

We are all looking forward to getting to know you as well. See you at On Broadway Dentistry!

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